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Greek Yoghurt In Glass - 485g

Greek Yoghurt In Glass - 485g

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Delight in our thick and creamy all-natural yoghurt, lovingly crafted in Sydney by fifth-generation artisans. No added sugar, gelatine, thickeners, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This is yoghurt as it was meant to be.

Packaged in glass which is healthier and tastes better. Jars are eco-friendly and will be reused and refilled. So after you’ve savoured that last spoonful, please leave the empty jars for our driver to collect.

Experience Greek yoghurt that's as wholesome as it is delicious and support a greener future.

Ingredients: Fresh pasteurised milk and cream, Skim milk powder, Live and probiotic cultures (including S. thermophilus, Acidophilus, Bifidus & Casei)

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